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Samantha Kochhar

By : Vandana Rana

Read Samantha Kochhar on monsoon makeup looks and tips to make makeup last longer. She advices to keep skin hydrated and clean in order to maintain its wellbeing. And the most important, only use waterproof makeup products during this time of the year.

Rising high humidity and unexpected showers can mess up your look of the day completely. And, most of us pack and put aside makeup kit as patchy makeup base, running eyes and smudged lips make you stuck in embarrassing situations. To avoid such makeup bloopers during monsoon a few say go minimal and some advice to avoid makeup completely. But fret not, beauty expert and MD, Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd. Samantha Kochhar reveals a four enticing looks for the season and suggest some tips to make makeup last longer.

She says that one should refurbish the entire makeup collection with waterproof products during monsoon. Buy waterproof mascara, kohl and eyeliner to avoid beauty faux pas. To prevent makeup from smudging and fading, use blotting papers to control excess oil and sweat instead of compiling layers of powder on your face. And, keep hygiene on top priority. Here are four captivating makeup looks for the season that you can try at home.

Fresh as the morning dew
This look is just perfect for the day time with minimal foundation on the skin. Highlight your eyes with soft brown eye pencil and waterproof mascara. Do up your cheeks a little and apply lip stains for the dewy look. Top it up with a coral lip gloss to complement the look.

The Neon Effect
Monsoon is all about fun, so as your makeup. Keep the eyes neutral with a generous coat of waterproof mascara. Subtle cheeks go very well with neon look, so don’t blush them much. Paint your lips bright with neon colours like pink, red, orange and more.

Funk and fun
Begin with hiding under eye circles with concealer and beautify your eyes with water proof coloured eye pencils. Smoke them up at the outer corners of the eyes. Experiment with blue, green, pink or orange hues that match or contrast your attire. Beautify your cheeks with earthy tones, apply lip stain make your lips pop.

Smokin’ hot
This sizzling hot look is designed to keep the evening celebrations in mind. Use a dark brown eye shadow on the outer corners of the eyes, above and beneath the eye, gradually making a circuit. You can also experiment with green that is the new colour for the season. Apply a little white gold shimmer on the upper eyelids to make them look edgy. Apply a bold, black, waterproof kajal and mascara to intensify the look. Use a light pink blush and a pale natural lip colour to finish the look.

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