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Chandra - A s natural as you from Essel Group

By : Team Beauty

Chandra: the Sanskrit name of moon in all it's glory symbolizes purity, ageless beauty and serenity. Inspire d by the nourishing and rejuvenating qualities of the moon, Chandra, brings with it a perfect combination of nature and science for a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.


"Chandra - As natural as you" is a part of Essel Group of companies now coming to India with a complete range of beauty and wellness products. Bringing together the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda combined with modern science, Chandra offers product regimes in the category of Skin Care, Personal Care, Baby Care, Herbal and Ayurvedic health supplements (retailed under the brand name Veria). Created with a great amount of Research and Development by a certified team of scientists, these products are developed with chosen herbs, roots, fruits and plants combined with essential oils, mildest preservatives and safest natural ingredients. Nature meets science in each formulation, resulting in high performance products to help slow down the ageing process, keep the skin well nourished, hydrated and improve overall texture, appearance and health. An absence of any kind of synthetic colours, perfumes, and preservatives make these products a 100% natural. The primary objective of Chandra is to provide natural skin and personal care roducts to cater to women and men of all ages and all skin types. Chandra focuses on consistent and continuous research and development to include all proven suspect ingredients in our banned list to make Chandra products safest for use. Inspired by the Moon, the archetypal Lord of water, moisture and vegetation, Chandra's products have ingredients like cucumber, melon, pomegranate. The use of herbs like Chamomile and Sage work with the emotions soothing both the body and the mind. The brand caters to the well, traveled Indian, looking for a beauty and wellness brand that can keep up with the ever changing needs of our hectic and fast paced lifestyles. Currently the brand offers a complete range of products like a Mineral Detox Range, a Spice Range formulated from Cinnamon and Ginger. The extensive range of Massage Oils offer body massage oils, bath salts and bath oils each completely natural and dew fresh. The Anti-Ageing Range has moisturing lotions, toners and restorative creams enriched with the goodness of nature.

There is also a Fair by Nature Range which is a rich fusion of active herbal extracts giving a cleaned and toned look to the skin. Our treatment range is one makes us one of the rare brands offering treatment for common beauty problems like varicose veins, black spots and acne. The baby care range specially developed by Chandra is a concoction of pure and gentle herbal combinations made with all the goodness of products like almonds, vanilla, olive, butter, chosen herbs and minerals. From baby toiletries to diaper creams Chandra offers great care for your little one. Holistic beauty and wellness being the foremost concern of Chandra, there is also a complete and exhaustive selection of Salon and Spa products for Professionals. The brand is also coming up with Hotel Amenities very shortly.


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